of real estate

Buying a house is an important act, it’s
the investment of a lifetime…

Becoming a homeowner, a
security for the future

The interest in owning a
principal residence is not only the satisfaction of living within its walls.
Real estate is also an investment. Once the credit of your house or apartment
is fully repaid, your housing charges will drop significantly. And, if need be,
you will be able to resell your home and reinvest the funds at your

A mortgage loan is always
accompanied by death and disability insurance. In the event of a hard blow,
this insurance will pay off the mortgage for you.

Moreover, the money put in
the refunding of your loan immo will not have been spent in vain. Once your
loan has been fully paid off, you will have a capital which, in principle, will
have grown and will continue to grow in value over time. Especially if your
home is well located, of good quality and has been properly maintained. This
also applies to a rental investment.

Buying new or old

Why go with the old one? In
addition to the charm that can be found, an old property is often, for an
equivalent area, 10 to 15% cheaper than a new one. Another advantage: for the
same number of rooms, you will benefit from a larger surface area than in new
buildings. Moreover, you can find the old one in the heart of the cities. This
is rarely the case for new homes, which are often located on the outskirts, due
to the lack of available land in the centre. Thanks to this central location,
your old home will interest a wide range of buyers in the event of a resale:
investors or individuals who are new homeowners.

But new homes also have their
advantages. In its favour: guarantees against faults, the absence of heavy
renovation work and a certain comfort, due to sound and thermal insulation
requirements that are much higher than those of the old. Not forgetting the
possibility of having a balcony or terrace, or even a garden, as well as a
private car park or a box in the basement, which is often excluded in older buildings
in the city centre.

Knowing how to determine the
right real estate price

In order to sort out the
offers, it is essential to carry out a real estate “survey”. Use the
internet, you will be able to find a price per square meter for a sector or a
district, according to the type of property you are looking for. For example,
if you are looking for a 3 room apartment in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris,
you will only target ads for such properties. However, this method will only
give you information on the prices (set by the sellers), which may be higher
than the actual selling prices.

Find out more about the

When you find the home that
interests you, never give in to a simple crush. Take the time to visit the
property several times, if possible at different times, possibly with a friend
or relative who is less involved and whose objective opinion is always useful.
Be very attentive to the criteria that enhance the property: proximity to the
workplace, schools, shops, public transport, absence of noise pollution… All
these criteria will be important in your future daily life and will be assets
in the eventual resale of the property.

Also ask the seller for
precise information. Ask about the amount of local taxes, any condominium
charges, heating bills, etc. Also ask for the exact surface area of a
condominium, or the rules and specifications in the case of a house in a
housing estate. Consult the supporting documents and do not just make verbal

Save time with the internet

Hundreds of thousands of
property offers of all types are now available online . Approximately 95%
of housing searches are now carried out on the net. The websites of
advertisements allow you to access a lot of information about the property for
sale: photos, videos, and even a virtual tour. You can also be notified by
e-mail as soon as an ad meeting your selection criteria is put online.